Our Community

I appreciate your interest in being a part of our RepublicOfData.io community!

RepublicOfData.io began as a seed of intuition. Over the past year, it has evolved through various shapes and focuses, but our core idea has only become clearer.

We are a community of data product builders and advocates for social change.

Our mission is to leverage openly available data to understand critical societal issues like climate change, the health of democratic institutions, and socio-economic inequalities.

RepublicOfData.io is a home for data builders and consumers to collaborate on improving society. It's also an excuse to meet exceptional social warriors and develop our data product-building skills to tackle meaningful problems.

This blog is the heart of RepublicOfData.io and its community. We're sharing:

  • 🛠️ Technical deep dives into building social data products.
  • 🌍 Stories of data creating positive social change.
  • 💬 A space for exchange among data-driven and engaged citizens.

Please subscribe and share your stories of using data to make a difference. Drop us a line or two – it would make our day!

Looking forward to hearing your stories and continuing this journey together!

Warm regards,

Caitlin and Olivier